Writer / director

I have written and directed nearly twenty short films, sketches and parodies. My latest short, Secret Agent Problems won BEST SHORT FILM at Cinema Los Angeles, BEST COMEDY SHORT FILM at Vancouver Filmdance and was an official selection at London Film FestivalCalgary International Film Festival, Vancouver Filmdance Festival, Just for Laughs Northwest, Muskoka Independent Film Festival and the Short Circuit Film Festival.


Previously, I won at the Nevada Film Festival (screenplay) as well as best commercial for Walmart (written by) at SXSW.

Secret Agent Problems is also pre-selected at the Eurocinema Film Festival, Austria International Film Festival, Malta Film Festival and Cinema New York City.

Eurocinema Film Festival

Austria International Film Festival

Malta Film Festival

Cinema New York City


Check out my Huffington Post page for my original comedy articles and my fun how-to food blogger videos. I've been trying for a cooking show for well over ten years and by the looks of the popularity of my food on @Vine and Huffington Post, it just may happen...

The Slacker Confessions 

My first book, The Slacker Confessions, came out in 2003 and was featured on Canada AM and won Best Emerging Author by NOW Magazine. A new 2015 digital edition is FREE on iBooks for your iOS device.