We love and hate reality tv shows, and I asked the Internet what their show would be. Here are the top responses for #MyRealityTVShowWouldBe.

1 Joe

2 Mel Palmer 3 Nessa 4 Jinky Raven 5 Bill 6 Tara Strong 7 Tony P 8 Josh 9 Sam 10 She likes 11 Kirsten 12 Heather 13 Jeff 14 Orlando 15 Heather One from the host Brands/Names/Influencers (your call) I guess it’s easy to do as one tweet. I just had at theory on how google indexes and having the names on page/list is likely healthy. 16 Adam Rank (his tweet had a lot of influence and he played cus I DM’d him to) 17 Rick G Rosner (Did loads!!!!) 18 Zach Braff 19 Cinnabon 20 Smosh