Last night I was watching Wet Hot American Summer: First Day At Camp (AGAIN) and @TonyPosnanski messaged me -- he too was bummed there was no @midnight on, therefore no @midnight hashtag wars. We thought it would be fun to dream up an original hashtag (one with zero tweets) similar to the type that they do on their show. We batted back a few ideas, and settled on the original hashtag #KittenBlockbusters.

We simply started it with these two tweets.

Within seconds a lot of fantastic regulars were chiming in with great tweets. We were sure to retweet those and give them CAT POINTS! 

Minutes later I got the first trend notification. 

Because @midnight was mentioned in thousands of tweets, the trend was accreditted to them and we thought this was awesome as it only added to the authenticity of the hashtag. 

#KittenBlockbusters was the top trend in the USA and Canada overnight and there were nearly 10K tweets. Thanks for playing our faux @midnight game. Here's some of our favourites. 

I'm stunned that some people actually think that a TV show who had a top-trend on their day off would be upset with us. First off, this is comedy folks and this is Comedy Central - the network that made the ultimate practical joke movie, 'Windy City Heat' (if you haven't seen this, then you need to, NOW!)

Secondly, they had a top-trend on their day off!!! 

Thanks to those who played this fun faux @midnight hashtag war!