This week was the return of co-host @SinCityChiGirl! There were loads of great responses for this silly binge-drinking hashtag #GotDrunkAndTweeted.

THREE of these tweets will be hand-drawn by @Tweets_Animated!

I hope you like my new format for the top tweets and hand-drawn tweets. Hosting them here allows me to offer a richer, more engaging experience. I have been off the app for weeks now and IMO, the fact that many only noticed this week says a lot about it. I have been flooded with DMs inquiring about my exit. It was solely my decision and one that had been on my mind for months. It was not personal. I put a tremendous amount of work into hosting a FUN game with original hashtags, collaborating with regular co-hosts @SheJStatz and @SinCityChiGirl as well as co-ordinating with our talented NY artist - @Tweets_Animated. I have some interesting surprises up my sleeve, so stay tuned and thanks for your much appreciated, continued support. 

See you Monday, 10am PT!